As we age, our body undergoes various changes, ranging from the visible physical changes to the invisible ones such as mental and emotional changes. However, physical changes are the most noticeable type because they’re the ones that you and other people can see.

While none of us ages the same way, there are some common issues that adults face as they grow older such as osteoporosis and diminishing lean muscle mass.

Therefore, it’s vital that you undergo training – whether via the traditional way or through the help of an online fitness coach like the ones from PHX Fitness  – to help you combat the effects of these problems.

However, this poses another challenge: when it comes to these issues, which is more important, strength building or building muscle?

What Is Strength Building and Muscle Building?

Strength building entails doing physical exercises to induce muscular contraction to build one’s endurance and physical strength. It focuses more on progressing the functional abilities of one’s muscles.

Building muscle, on the other hand, concentrates more on building the size of the muscle rather than its function. This means its main focus is on the physical appearance of one’s muscles.

Strength Building vs Building Muscle: Which Is More Important?

If your aim is to strengthen your bones and enhance your overall quality of life as you age, then building your strength is more important. This is because there have been many studies that show strength-building plays a large role in slowing down bone density loss and some have even discovered it can help build bone.

It also has other benefits that muscle building exercises are unable to provide. Building your strength can target various areas such as your spine, hips, and wrists – areas that are prone to fractures as one age. Aside from that, it can also help improve your balance and reduce the risk of falling in the first place.

It can even manage the symptoms of chronic conditions like back pain, arthritis, and heart diseases among others.

With that said, for the question of which is more important, building strength or building muscle, the answer would have to be the former as it offers more benefits.


Undergoing the proper training with the help of an online fitness coach such as the ones offered by PHX Fitness or through the traditional route of going to a gym becomes more important as we age.

Between strength and muscle building, focusing on one’s strength is crucial when it comes to managing the potential problems that come with aging such as osteoporosis. Compared to simply building muscle, it offers more benefits, not just physically but also mentally as well.

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