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My name is Cynthia. Two years back I weighed two hundred pounds. I was depressed and suffered from acute lack of self-confidence. To say that I was in the dumps would be an understatement. I went from one diet to another. I switched my fitness and nutrition trainer multiple times. Nothing seemed to work. I was frustrated and even tried to harm myself. Only people in my situation will understand the seriousness of my predicament. I hit rock bottom and thankfully before something drastic happened I found PHX Training Program. They saved my life. Their simple yet effective customized coaching worked miracles. In a short period, I shed all the extra fat. You won’t believe it when I say that I could fit into my two piece bikini. Thank you PHX. You gave back my life to me.Cynthia

I am a professional sportsman and fitness has a different meaning for me. I have been searching for the right training program but to no avail. Either they were too costly or totally useless. I finally hit the right chords with PHX Training Programs & Customized Coaching. These guys know what they are doing. The price is just right and the training is outstanding. I would recommend them to everyone. Join PHX and you won’t be disappointed.Laura Dye

I suffered from a total lack of energy. My days dragged on and I had sleepless nights. I was advised by my physician to take up physical activity. I tried many training programs but nothing seemed to work. In fact things got worse. PHX Training Programs & Customized Coaching introduced me to the right routine. I feel happier, more confident and bubbly now. My advice to others is to go for a program which will give you sustained results, not for a quick fix. PHX Training is perfect if you want long term benefits.Dean Morris

After years of search for the right fitness trainer I finally realized that the trick is to engage a personal trainer. If each person is unique, why should you go for a common program? We are not sheep that we can be herded into a single one-fit schedule. You are different and you deserve a personalized training program. PHX Training Programs & Customized Coaching helped me to realize my personal goals.Julie Dixon

Are you into an exotic diet plan? Get out of it this instant! Most of the popular diet plans do more harm to you than you think. I joined PHX Training Programs & Customized Coaching and I never looked back. I am slimmer, more attractive and best of all - I am happy. PHX recommended a wholesome, enjoyable and pleasurable diet plan which worked wonders for me. They are professionals who love their work and it shows in their procedures and processes. MY motto is to be happy and enjoy my life. Make it your motto too.Sylvain Cayer


At PHX Fitness, our coaches will help you realize your dream goals and body by motivating, monitoring and inspiring you. Our uplifting, energizing, invigorating and vitalizing nutrition and fitness programs will quickly elevate your fitness levels to great heights.

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